Tuesday 14th July 2020

    Vacation Work - Summer 2020 - Lower Sixth

    Please click to view your work online or to print a copy.

    If you have any queries about a piece of work please contact the Head of Department for the subject.


    Subject Vacation Work Head of Department Email Address
    Biology Click to view (2020) Miss Grapes emily.grapes@hppc.co.uk
    Classical Civilization Click to view (2020) Miss Barker katherine.barker@hppc.co.uk
    Chemistry Click to view (2020) Mrs Crickmore susan.crickmore@hppc.co.uk
    Computer Science Click to view (2020) Mr Crook steve.crook@hppc.co.uk
    Drama Click to view (2020) Mr Harris liam.harris@hppc.co.uk
    English Click to view (2020) Mr Smith tom.smith@hppc.co.uk
    Geography Click to view (2020) Miss Bownas rebecca.bownas@hppc.co.uk
    History Click to view (2020) Miss Clarke joanna.clarke@hppc.co.uk
    Mathematics Click to view (2020) Mrs Mackinder leah.brinton@hppc.co.uk
    Music Technology Click to view (2020) Mr Carroll will.carroll@hppc.co.uk
    Music Click to view (2020) Mr Jameson darren.jameson@hppc.co.uk
    Psychology Click to view () Mr Poole simon.poole@hppc.co.uk
    PE Click to view (2020) Mr May steve.may@hppc.co.uk
    Physics Click to view (2020) Mrs Smith naomi.smith@hppc.co.uk
    REP Click to view () Mr Richards gareth.richards@hppc.co.uk
    Sociology Click to view (2020) Miss Bownas rebecca.bownas@hppc.co.uk
    Spanish Click to view (2020) Miss Prescott hannah.prescott@hppc.co.uk